Posted by: Mickael | January 7, 2008

The stars are with me!

As I was answering a post by Mircea Goia on (she is looking for software reviewers by the way), it reminded me of my friends at 03 Magazine. So I decided to go see what was new on their web site and stumbled upon my astrological predictions for the new year. Although I don’t believe in these things, I tend to remember them when I discover that they are to my advantage :) This time, I was mesmerized! The guy simply had to know about what I was doing.

But judge by yourself, for entertainment purposes, here is a bad, automated translation of what it said:

“TAURUS. With two big planets like Jupiter and Saturn in Earth signs – like yours – 2008 is a year you will spend out of the ordinary [this project is extraordinary enough]. On the personal side, with Saturn in Virgo, you feel the urge and the need to bring order to your romances and love life, but everything will go smoothly and you won’t disappoint your life partner and vice – versa [I prefer not to comment on that – too risky :)]. There is a possibility of beneficial real estate speculations [I am moving and investing in a house already] and highly profitable yields on some old investments [I certainly would love that]. Great financial stability in 2008. With Jupiter, your ally, you can pursue projects that are dearest to your heart, both personal and professional [working in technology by the sea, what more could I ask?]. You will meet people from other countries with which you can establish excellent friendships [now, this is exactly the point of this blog]. You will be featured and honored on many occasions [now, this is exactly the point of this blog :)]. Travels abroad for business are possible [I’m supposed to go on about five or six trips like such this year]. You will receive awards and your prestige will be prominent [better buy some trophy polish]. With Neptune, the star of high ambitions, you can easily achieve the realization of your ideals both socially and materially [I doubt it’s gonna easy but still, it sounds good]. You will have an utmost important political and social role [well, I was hired by the government and politicians to work with the population]. Uranus announces new relationships that will astonish you . A year of great human discoveries. You will develop relationships with strangers, that will be true and sincere [be my guest!].”

Can you feel it? The stars are with me! Just thought it would be funny to post these predictions on the blog and add some comments about them at the end of the year.